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This Web Page is dedicated to you and to your safety. Hello, my name is Terry Haddock. I decided to open this web page, including all the pictures and diagrams, because I feel that there is a need for the average person to become more acquainted with the safe and proper ownership and use of firearms. This site is designed to help you, starting with the fact that firearms are dangerous and, of course, the safety rules that you must know in order to safely own and handle a firearm. We'll go over how most Revolvers and Semi Automatic Pistols operate, to help ensure that you can handle your own personal firearm safely. After we find out how these firearms work, you will be learning how to load and unload them, how to hold them properly, and how to stand when you are shooting. We'll also cover the basic marksmanship techniques you will need to help you shoot accurately when you do go to the range to practice. We'll go over how to clean and maintain your firearm, as well as the many ways that you can store your firearm safely and securely. At the end of the book, "FIREARMS SAFETY IN THE HOME", in the index, you'll find a "Firearms Safety Rules", "Firearms Ownership Record" and a "Quick Cleaning Tip Sheet" that will help you keep track of your firearms and will also help you to keep them clean and stored properly. For your convenience, I've also included a "Manufacturers and Suppliers Product Index", which will help you find and purchase those products that you need to help you keep your firearms secure, clean, and ready for a lifetime of shooting pleasure and enjoyment. Before we get started, I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my company. I've been teaching people how to shoot firearms for over 40 years. I started shooting revolvers, semi-auto pistols, rifles, and shotguns when I was a teenager, and, about the same time, I started teaching my friends and their families about to safely use the firearms they own. I've been involved in Law Enforcement Training for the past 25 years. I'm currently the Range Master and Chief Firearms and Weapons Instructor for a metropolitan Police Agency, and I teach at the Regional Police Academy. I also hold various "Train the Trainer" credentials. I started my own company called Personal Protection Inc. back in 1984. I've have been involved in Civilian Training, Security, and Law Enforcement Training, since that time. Over the years I've trained over 30,000 individuals in the safe use of firearms for their enjoyment and protection. Personal Protection, Inc., LLC, has provided everything from basic firearms safety courses, like this one, to intermediate shooting courses, and advanced courses like close quarter combat, defensive shooting, etc. My students have included nearly everyone from small elderly women, corporate executives, Boy Scout Troops, and police recruits, to entire Law Enforcement agencies. I take satisfaction in the fact that I've been responsible for training such a wide variety of individuals (young, old, short, tall, large and small) in how to protect themselves. On this Web Page, it will be my pleasure to be your "Personal Firearms Instructor", whether you're taking a course online, or have purchased a CD, Workbook, or a combination course for home study. Everything you need to know to prepare yourself to safely own a firearm at home, and practice with it at the range, will be covered. Personal Protection Inc., LLC, has developed courses for nearly every situation that you might encounter. Each one of our courses builds on the one preceding it, to assist you, the student, to come to a position in your training in which you feel comfortable and able to safely handle and protect yourself with a firearm. You, of course, are the Captain of your own ship. I'm very happy that you have chosen to allow Personal Protection Inc., LLC, to assist you in your endeavor to safely own and use a firearm. I hope that you never have to use a firearm to protect yourself or your loved ones from harm, however, by purchasing a course, whether online or in person, or a Training CD, or DVD you have shown that you are truly interested in making sure that keeping your firearm in your home can be done as safely and conscientiously as possible. So, Thank You for purchasing our products, services, and courses, and I trust that you will enjoy many years of safe, responsible, firearms ownership. "Your Safety is our Primary Concern". Cordially, Terry L. Haddock President & Chief Instructor.